Ball Buster


  • 2 ft height extension (minimum)
  • High load capacity (25 -50 t)
  • Stable yield of 2 ft
  • Can be preloaded (by using a JackPot or similar)
  • Can be fitted with different sized and shaped head and base plates


  • No tools needed to set the props
  • The props can be re-installed if not under load
  • Single person installation
  • Relatively light weight
  • Very rapid and easy installation

Applications - The Ball Buster Prop can be used for the following applications on coal mines:

  • Longwall recoveries
  • Tailgate supports
  • Maingate supports Belt line entries
  • Bleeder entries
  • To replace cribs
  • To support beams
  • Intersection support

The Ball Buster Prop can also be used on hard rock mines such as:

  • Trona mines
  • Halite/potash mines
  • Hard rock mines where cemented backfill is used
  • To support beams
  • Where rock movement is expected

Ball Busters
Ball Buster