Tunneling Know-how

Worldwide Product Recognition !

The improved technique in mining and the achieved experience of Bochumer Eisenhütte Heintzmann are also used in tunnelling.

In the beginning 80s lattice girders and mainly three bar lattice girders found their way to modern tunnelling. Together with TH- and GI-Profiles they are today part of the modern standard of technique in combination with shotcrete.

With the design of the “strong wave”, Bochumer Eisenhütte Heintzmann has developed a girder which has been firmly established in subway-, cavernand sewers projects as well as in railway- and subway tunnels.

The worldwide used girder is based on a well founded static calculation, taking in consideration all elements of this filigree system proven by exact evaluation. The connections, their components, bolts and nuts are coordinated with each other and meet the requirements of DS 853 (Guideline of Deutsche Bahn AG).