25 Ton Quick Timber

  • Lightweight and easily transported
  • "Bottle Neck" design acts as a yielding indicator
  • Manufactured to the height requirements of the customer
  • 4" height adjustment
  • Resusable
  • No deterioration

55 Ton Prop

The Heintzmann 55-ton prop has been developed to give customers additional options regarding roof support, depending on roof conditions. The 55-ton prop is manufactured with the same quality and design as the 100-ton ACS, but with a 55-ton capacity which results in less weight and less cost for the customer.

  • Manufactured to the height requirements of the customer
  • Twelve inch height adjustment
  • Optional size head and base plates
  • The 55-ton prop can also be used in conjunction with Heintzmann Beams
  • Less air restriction than conventional wood cribbing
  • Quick and easy installation
  • No deterioration

100 Ton Alternative Crib Supports (ACS)

These props have also been referred to as jacks or legs. Mechanical type supports with an MSHA rated capacity of over 100 tons. Manufactured to the height requirements of the customer. They have a twelve inch height adjustment. They are recoverable. Optional size head and base plates. Head plates include: 

  • Pizza Head plate. (2' Diameter)
  • Canadian Head Plate.
  • 12"X16"X 2" Head Plate.
  • Channel Head Plate(Optional Size)

Base Plates can be ordered in various sizes upon request.

ACS Props
ACS with yieldable Pizza Head