Hurricane- High Pressure Cleaning

Hurricane – Rotating Pipe Cleaning System“Now available to all Markets / Vendors“

The Hurricane System is lightweight, tough, reliable and built to take on the toughest blocked pipelines in the utility, industrial or coal preparation industries. It is constructed with a stainless steel tubular frame.

The Hurricane removes the following:

  • aluminium, hydrate, silicate, calcide
  • bauxite
  • cement
  • calcium oxide
  • ferrum oxide
  • slag and mill scale
  • magnesium oxide
  • titanium 2-oxide
  • silicium oxide
  • sodium chroiderust

    ….. or any other corrosion build-up.

The Hurricane can clean as far as 1.200 feet through fifteen 90° elbows, inside or outside corners, even irregular surfaces such as weld beads without stopping.

The Hurricane System Process is completely environmentally friendly.


The system will accommodate up to 24 individual grease pumps. Each pump has a pop-out flow indicator and an adjustment for the amount of grease dispensed. Grease hoses, one-fourth inch in size, are connected to each pump and ca be run a maximum of 300 feet to a lube point. The timer inside the control box is easily adjusted for frequency of motor operation which strokes the pumps.

The complete system is mounted on a lightweight sled and is very mobile and easily moved or mounted on existing equipment.

Rapid Relief Valves

Rapid Relief Valves are safety valves, to limit the hydraulic internal pressure of props and cylinders of powdered supports. They are suitable for all types of powered support. 

  • Valve Design: Suitable for all types of props, cylinders and control units.
  • Characteristics: Robust, light weight, compact.
  • Flowrate QD: Max. 120 l/min to 3000 l/min
  • Working Pressure pB: Max. 600 bar.
  • Functions-Pressure Difference pF: Small, 4 to 8% of the setting-pressure pE.
  • Control System and Adjustment: Spring and Adjusting screw.
  • Fitting: Plug or thread.
  • Method of relieving: Drain off into the atmosphere or by return line into the closed system.
  • Construction: Piston-O-Ring-system.
  • Material: Stainless.

Reset Valve

The pressure sequence valve is used as a "reset valve" for hydraulic control at the powered support.  By using this valve it is garanteed that the props are always set with the operating pressure of the face support hig-pressure pump.

  • Nominal-pressure pN: On pumpside: max. 350 bar, on propside: max. 500 bar,
    switch on pressure: infinitely variable 70 - 150 bar
  • Fitting: 3 x plug DN 10
  • Valve characteristic: active resetting
  • Construction: Robust, light weight, compact.
  • Material: Stainless.

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