Bochumer Eisenhütte Company Portrait

1851 – 2008      HEINTZMANN has a profile.

1851 – the Bochumer Eisenhütte was founded at the beginning of the modern Ruhr economy.

The entrepreneurial participation of the Councillor of Justice Egmont Heintzmann was decisive for the prosperity of Bochumer Eisenhütte. The subsequent generations of the Heintzmann family are still a motor for the progress of the Bochumer Eisenhütte!

The real breakthrough in the company’s history came in the 1930s with the development and launching of the TH profile for underground mining. The innovative development revolutionised mining on a global scale. It was realised that a rigid support would not be able to bear the rocks which start to move without deformation. The supporting with The ideal solution to this problems was the support with a sliding guide made of TH profiles.

Since 1955, the TH profiles have been annealed using a special process which was developed by the Heintzmann engineers. The excellent properties of the annealed TH profiles are the statically balanced resistance and the defined insertion of the annealed TH profile when used as a flexible support.

There has been a global demand for the Bochumer Eisenhütte products and services right up to today. Reliability and the highest quality and safety standards guarantee the successful realisation of demanding projects.


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