Heat Treated Serrated Steel Beams

The IB100 Beam:

Its width is 3.24 inches and weighs 14.1 Lbs.. Per foot. IB-Beams are specifically designed for use in underground mining applications.  These beams are ideal for situations requiring maximum strength and where clearance is critical.

The GT120 Beam:

Its weight is 19.8 Lbs.. Per foot.  GT-Beams are specifically designed for use in underground mining applications. These beams are ideal for situations requiring maximum strength and where clearance is critical.

The TH Beams:

Used primarily in the manufacture of yieldable arches because of their bending characteristics. Also used in the construction of yieldable roof supports and adjustable anchor jacks for tailpieces. Easily recognized by their U shaped profile.

The Hinge Beams:

Two piece construction, designed specifically for the recovery of longwall shields.

Heat Treated Profiles
TH Profile
Heat Treated Profile