quick joint

represents the new generation of the established NATURE-RAIL® system.

NATURE-RAIL® quick joint offers all the advantages of the established and successful NATURE-RAIL® system with new and innovative features including improved design, better performance, simpler and easier assembly.

A 1.800 mm long C100 steel post is the rail's supporting element. Special bow type deformation clamps secure the steel band to the post. Flat steel segments, 100 x 5 mm wide and 3.990 mm long, are installed horizontally in front of the posts. 650 mm long special elements link the inner steel element into a solid steel band. All steel parts are galvanized according to DIN EN 1461.

The steel rails are embedded into the specially prepared round wooden outer section (1.980 mm long, 180 mm wide). The steel posts have two outer wooden covers (530 mm and 660 mm long). All wood used is chrome free impregnated according to DIN 68 800, part 3, threat level 4 (suitable for external use).

Galvanization and weather resistant wood guarantee a long working life without maintenance.